About Us

FarmiHub is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) based Marketplace aimed to make Farm Fresh non-GMO products accessible to the wider markets through integrated, reliable, and efficient E-commerce Platform. 

FarmiHub plays a catalyst role in the future Agri-tech by empowering local farmers to have access to wider markets , enabling them to sell their crops to individuals as well as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in various regions. 

We are a co-op and have partnered with different farms.  We do our homework to find great food partners. Our partners are the local farmer who we proud ourselves to call friends. They are collaborators who share our values, our passion, and our vision.  

Our Story

FarmiHub is the result of desire and passion to help the most deprived segment of our community, our Farmers, to help them reap the fruit of all their hard work. We wanted to shake hands with those who feed us. 

When we say help, we do not mean charity, but rather empower the local farmers who are the backbone of this industry to work their way out of poverty, hence defining the very core of what we are all about.  We want to enable them to become economically independent and improve by getting what they deserve. 

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